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What Experts Are Saying About Mind Diets

I have written a couple articles on the benefits of the Ikarian diet as secret to longevity. Ikaria is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and  is known as a place where people forget to die. Ikarians tend to live longer and healthier lives. This is where four in ten people reach the ripe age […]

How the Ikarian Diet is working for me!

As promised here are some tips and sample food habits on eating like an Ikarian. A few weeks back I wrote a blog on the merits of the Ikarian diet. How I effortlessly lost 3 pounds in a span of 1 week when I adopted it. Even more spectacular than losing the first 3 pounds […]

Don’t freak out about freekeh

What Exactly Is Freekeh? Freekeh, despite its odd name, may be considered the new supergrain. Why? Because it is loaded with nutritional benefits that beat quinoa and other multigrain. It is an ancient grain with its roots in the Middle East. It’s pronounced free-kah or farik in Arabic. It is short for wheat. The new […]


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