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What people are saying about acai

  The acai berry (pronounced aˌsaˈi) is one of the healthiest berries you can add to your diet. The acai berry boosts overall health and postpones aging. Acai is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. It is native to the Amazon rain forests. Nutritional value of acai berries The acai berry is a rich in vitamins and minerals. It […]

5 Must-Have Mental Enhancing Natural Supplements

Age-related complications due to Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss are well known.  Intensive research in more recent years to develop drugs to improve mental functioning are on-going. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a number of pharmaceutical drugs. However, use of these drugs by individuals who do not yet have mental health conditions […]

The benefits of natural health supplements

Natural dietary supplements as their name suggests come from food-based sources such as herbs or other plants. Natural supplements are naturally sourced and can supplement your diet They include herbs, vitamins and other herbal or dietary  supplements They contain no artificial substances Since dietary supplements come from food-based sources, your body has a better idea […]


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